Top difference between snorkeling and scuba diving

Snorkeling and scuba diving are adventurous underwater sports the most popular recently. By snorkeling or scuba diving, you have a great opportunity to discover and admire the beauty of ocean life by your naked-eye. It seems funny and exciting experience for us.

According to the profession, snorkeling and scuba diving has some difference. The fact that they are different water sports but people usually confuse and use them familiarly. This article will discuss some difference between these underwater activities.



If snorkeling allows you to dive and see the coral reefs and marine plants on surface of the water, scuba diving can help you to dive in greater depth with other purpose. Besides enjoying and exploring beauty of the marine life like snorkeling, scuba diver can see caves and shipwrecks or only practice swimming in deep water spearfishing. Some people have to be scuba diving as a normal job in the sea such as welding, civil engineering or military diving activities.


Scuba diving

To start snorkeling, you only prepare a diving mask to protect your eyes and nose in the underwater. It keeps your face submerge in the water whereas you can still breathe and open your eyes.

While scuba diving requires more complicated and professional equipment like a diving mask, a wetsuit (or drysuit), a compensator, a pressurized gas tank and swim fins.


In snorkeling, you only keep your face in the water so that the breathing tube can’t be flooded in the underwater. This is limitation about depth. If you want to dive deeper, you need to keep your breath without using any snorkel or equipment else. So breathing technique looks simple and basic.

However, scuba diving requires more complicated breathing technique. Because you have to combine other equipment at the same time so you have to remember and use if fluently to assure safety during the diving.