Top benefits of water polo (Part 2)

In the summer, it’s great to join water sports to refresh your mind. If you are finding one game for team, water polo is one of the best choice.

The truth that playing water polo brings a lot of benefits for physical, mental and health. So, it is encouraged to play in a daily life.

In this article, we continue to share top benefits of water polo. Following it then you have more motivation to play water polo.

4, Works core

In water polo, you will practice your legs continuously. It requires to stand up, run or jump up or down. So, your position will be active flexibly.

The fact, twisting, turning or throwing are all-core movements to improve your abdominal muscles.

It’s a good way to build up strong muscles and bones.

5, Weights loss well

Don’t think that activities with teamwork can’t help you to lose weight.

Water polo is a great sport to consume calories effectively through jumping, throwing and kicking ball. Even, you feel not tired or stressed as doing in the gym but effect brings obviously.

Estimated you can burn about 700 calories in one hour to play this game.

6, Every joints are easy to practice

Someone worries that water sports are more difficult to move than playing on the ground. However, every joints are improved simply in water when playing this game.

You feel not much pressure or impact from water to your joints because your legs and knees are struggling naturally.

You know, joints are practiced in daily life to help your bone and muscle stronger and durable, especially when you are older.

Many people use foods or medicine to support joints well. Whereas you can completely take advantage of physical benefits of water polo to reach good effect for joint. Why you don’t take action it immediately.