Top benefits of water polo (Part 1)

Water polo is one of the most favorite water sports for the young nowadays, it brings a lot of benefits for physical and mental. Furthermore, you still play with a team to increase connection and communication teamwork skills.

To make clear more about benefits of water polo, you can follow our article. We will share major benefits under other aspects.

1, Improvement toning ability

Once you practice water polo usually, your body will become more toning because all muscles in legs, shoulders, burn and hips will be moved continuously.

However, during the game, you feel these poses are normal because it’s necessary to run movement’s ball as well pace of other teammates. When you see the match by video, you can be surprised about your ability.

In general, these gestures to stay and run in the water are good for physical benefits.

 2, Improvement stamina ability

The fact, water polo is a high-paced sport which requires more energy and power to keep movements and running in the water.

Although your running is only interval process, it wastes so much energy to sprint from the head to end of the swimming pool. Therefore, it’s good to improve your stamina ability better and durable.

After a long time to practice water polo, you see your stamina ability becomes stronger abnormally.

3, Improvement power

According to consequence of good stamina, you feel your body release more power, including practice the game as well energy to face up with other jobs outside.

At a high level of water polo, you consider that carrying something extra 80kg on your shoulder becomes normal and easy to handle. It’s good to build up the strength and power of upper and lower body part equally and effectively.

Almost all body parts will become balanced and developed when you play water polo usually.