Top benefits of swimming for health

Swimming is well-known as one of the most popular water sport. Because it is convenient for everyone. Anyway kids, teenager or adult can join this sport in the public swimming pool in their city.

There are many reasons why swimming is popular with everyone. In this article, we discuss one of major reason for this popularity. It is benefits of swimming for health.

1st benefit: swimming can improve muscle and strength durably.

When you swim, you can combine other parts in your body to move in the water. Such as using legs to kick, arms to pull, head to move or nose to breathe. Therefore, all muscles should be practiced and stabilized.

Another way, swimming is considered as one of the best exercise to be good at for body workout.

2nd benefit: swimming can improve and develop bone mass.

According to research of the Journal of Applied Physiology, swimming also contributes to increase bone mass index (called as BMD- bone mineral density). It means swimming can affect to bone mass, including BMD and femoral bone weight. It is extremely better for your bone when you are older and older.

3rd benefit: swimming can help you more flexible.

As refer, swimming requires many skills and movement. If you don’t connect other parts on body well, you can’t move in the water smoothly. Especially, when swimming in the sea, it requires you more power to overcome strength of waves.

During this swimming process, you have to reach, twist, pull or stretch in the water by other position. So, you feel more flexible and durable in swimming.

4th benefit: swimming is better for heart muscle

As normal, this function is outstanding of swimming. Through many researches, the scientist concludes that swimming brings benefits for cardiovascular of heart muscle.

However, you need to make plan to practice swimming regularly to reach maximum benefits.