Top benefits of swimming for health

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports for everyone and for every season. Anyway, in the winter or the summer, you can enjoy it comfortably. In this article, we continue to share top benefits of swimming for health. Almost we play any sport to keep fit and health, swimming has a wide range of benefits therefore it becomes a popular water sports for people.

5th benefit: It’s good for people with the asthma

If you are in problem with the asthma, you always feel uncomfortable when breathing or smelling. Don’t worry when your situation can be changed when practicing swimming hard.

Indicated that breathing exercise in swimming can support your breath regularly and effectively. Because you have to follow fixed breath when up and down in order. It means breathing is adjusted a suitable speed when swimming. In addition, swimming can also help to enlarge your lung capacity. It can impact to your breathing better.

6th benefit: Burning calories effectively

If you are losing weight, swimming should be a good choice to take action because it has good ability to burn calories.

According the statics, one normal person about 160 pounds can burn 423 calories after one hour of swimming. If you pace up with a higher speed, you can burn up to 715 calories in only one hour swimming. This number is idealistic for anyone to lose weight.

Another benefit, when you swim, your body can be burned calories naturally without pressure or hard as you do exercise in workout or gym.

7th benefit: Enjoying a nice sleep

Sleep plays an important role to gain good health. Swimming have positive power to get a nice sleep in night. Besides it, it can contribute to reduce the insomnia for someone. When you have a nice sleep, you can enjoy other jobs like eating, working or talking with your friends positively and happily.