Tips to have a scuba diving trip safe

Scuba diving is an interesting water sport. However it is not simple to take action promptly, even you are accompanied with one instructor, you can still face risk or danger from the environment in marine.

To have a scuba diving trip safe, we will share pocket tips in the followings. You should see it if you have intention to join scuba diving for the next vacation.

1st tip: You should control your ascent rate and come up slowly

Breathing is important to have a good heart. The tip is you should control your breath slowly and safely, especially you should ascend and come up slowly for your body to adapt other temperature from the marine environment to the land environment.

The research points out when divers don’t comply the safe ascent rate, the nitrogen can be absorbed into the bloodstream badly then cause some consequences. You only control your ascent rate no faster than 18 meters for one minute.

You should remember that you don’t use the inflator button to come up to the surface.

2nd tip: you should check your equipment usually

It is important to maintain your equipment and check usually whether it is good working or not. Almost equipment should be rented by vendors, so you can’t know exactly about function, lifespan or general rule of this equipment. It’s better that you check instructions before going scuba diving and usually check again during the diving process. Don’t forget to learn how to use it fluently.

You also should remind your partner to check equipment so that your team are in safe

3rd tip: You should dive within your limits

You should control your depth at level which you can rescue yourself and others. Don’t be challenged with higher rate that your current level.