Steps to start scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most must-see favorite water sports for everyone who love new experience in water. However, this sport requires complicated skills and strict requirements so that you can save yourself in the water. The truth that the sea is natural and sometime terrible wit being out of control of people, therefore you should practice enough knowledge to enjoy scuba diving fully.

In this article, we continue to instruct some basic steps to start this water sport simply. Following it to have a safe scuba diving trip.

4/ Understanding theory of the essential dive

Movement in the water is completely different from movement in the ground. Furthermore, pressure and weight of a person will be changed when going into the underwater environment. So, it’s necessary to understand how the water affects to body and gear. Even the bad consequence can happen in the water. All situations should be clear and concerned correctly before action.

You should follow a full set of theory about the essential dive, including in pressure of the water when scuba diving, buoyancy skills, theory about ear equalization, no-decompression limits or safety skills to stop this diving so on

5/ Practice diving skills with guide firstly

After you prepare for enough dive theories including equipment, scuba gear or diving. However, it’s just theory. The truth that it can be different so much. Therefore, you should practice with your guide firstly until you are competent all skills, you should go into the underwater.

From experience of former divers, they share that breathing is the first difficult skills which is completely different from theory before. Even, someone can do all requirements except breathing in a long time whereas it’s the highest necessary skill.

Sure that you can protect yourself in the underwater, then let’s start the trip.