Steps to start scuba diving

Scuba diving has become a hot water sport in recent times. It brings a lots newly interesting experience about the life in marines. However, to have a safe trip in scuba diving, you need to prepare something.

If you are confusing about content lessons or how to use diving accessories, you can follow our article. We share you basic steps to start this sport simply and effectively.

In the previous article, we have ever referred to 1st and 2nd tips when you find a proper location, you have good conditions to expect a good trip. Following the next step, then you discover more about the marine and diving.

3/ Prepare suitable accessories

After choosing location and preparing skills in theory, now you should select suitable gear which suits your purpose and level as well water condition.

This step is necessary to affect that your trip is safe or not.

Let it check some major diving gears as below:

Firstly, the wetsuit: depending on temperature of the water you dive, you choose one proper wetsuit to make comfortable and free when movement.

You should care about the thickness, the material and size of wetsuit. When you feel comfortable, you can move in the underwater easily and confidently.

Secondly, choosing fin or swim fins. This gear is important to support you to move safely and easily without being any pressure or tiredness.

The next, weight belt which is useful to determine your weight and its belt whether it can match or not.

Furthermore, scuba tanks or diving cylinders are necessary gears as recommendation. Depending on level of specialized diving, they will choose proper belt and instructions.

Mask and snorkel help you to breath in the water better and longer. You should choose the mask fits your face and a snorkel has a purge valve.