Rule of diving sport


Diving is a popular water sport with other different forms all over the world. Almost people are interesting with water sport, especially in the summer. Generally speaking, diving sport makes your mood better and keeps fitness as well brings benefit for health. Further, it’s the best choice to immerse in the marine and discover the mysterious life under the water.

 Actually, diving is a simple sport. You only learn skills how to dive and springboard into water. But thanks different versions, diving has become a challenge that requires dedication and commitment from diver who wants to make it fluent and perfect.

Diver and equipment

To practice diving in the water, you need to prepare a diving board and swimming costumes. They are special necessary equipment for this sport.

In a pro competition, the purpose of diver is reaching more points. After total diving time, the person the most points is winner.

The rule of diving sport seem simple and easy to get it. However it has two main disciplines, including springboard diving and platform diving.

Firstly about springboard diving: total 6 men or 5 women in a team. Players have to comply enough five different diving categories like forward, back, reverse, inward and twisting. It should be performed at any difficult level to score more points.

Secondly about platform diving: also total 6 men or 5 women in a team. But both men and women diver must finish at least four different level. In there, forward diving categories is compulsory. Further, the first two divers have to overcome difficulty of 2.0 level.

To get balance and equality for competitions, the highest and lowest scores are discarded. Total score is addition of the middle three then multiplied by the degree of difficulty of the dive. It is calculated by the complexity of the moves practice in the dive, depending on ability of diver.