Health benefits when joining scuba diving

Scuba diving is a new water sport which is popular in recently time. Although it requires compulsory certificates for any diver, it still is welcomed warmly by many people. It is a good opportunity to discover new life in the marine. In addition, it brings to a wide range of health benefits.

In this article, we focus one benefit aspect of scuba diving. It is list of health benefits.

1/ Gaining strength and flexibility

When you move in water during scuba diving trip, your muscles have to work harder and stronger than normally. It is the only way to travel in water smoothly to overcome resistance of water. Especially, water in the ocean is more powerful when there are many level of waves to make barrier to your movement.

By diving and swimming in a long time, your muscles can build strength, flexibility and endurances. It can contribute to build up your core strength to have good health in your everyday life.

2/ Breathing

Once diving, you tend to control your breathing slower. This way can impact on heart rate and promoting calm positively.

You know, a steady breathing can bring benefits for lung’s activity to reduce several injuries and diseases. For example, it helps to reduce risk of ling-expansion or overcome asthma effectively. So, doctors usually advise that you should keep calm and breathe slowing to have a better life.

3/ Lowering blood pressure

When you are immersed in cold water in a long time, your blood vessels tend to constrict to warm up internal organs. It means your hearts need to run faster and faster. At this moment, your heart rate and blood pressure can be reduced dramatically. In addition, you feel calming down during diving process. It’s good for your health.