Scuba diving is a very relaxing and fun water sport. People feel amazing with enjoyment of experiencing the underwater world. In addition, it brings health benefits for scuba diver. So nowadays there are many people liking and enjoying scuba diving.

This article will introduce basic health benefits of scuba diving

1/ Physical fitness benefits

According research, in one hour of scuba diving you can burn up to 500 calories. It is as much as one hour working out hard in the gym. It’s great for someone intending to keep fitness or lose weight.

Thanks the natural resistance of water, your muscles have to move up and down naturally without noticing that you are burning more calories.

So great while you can look and enjoy the beautiful marine, you can continue train your core, back muscles positively.

2/ Healing benefits

In the underwater environment where there are millions of salt tons, it has many benefits for your body. For example, it can improve your immune system better and is also good for your skin with many vitamin D.

Scuba diving in sea water in a long time helps open your pores and allows your skin to absorb the sea minerals so that it can remove of disease-causing toxins for your body.

3/ Meditation benefits

Don’t surprise why scuba diving can use as a form of meditation. When diving, you have to control your breathing in the fixed rule. If you break it, it can cause harm for your health.

Breathing slowly and deeply make positive thought and relaxing emotion. It means that you contribute to increase your oxygen intake then stimulate circulation, raise energy levels and improve many benefits for your heart and lung function.

Almost they are the same effects of meditation. They are good for your mind with positive attitude and reducing depression.