Different kind of betting on sports

Someone think that betting on sports is one of the biggest form of gambling. The truth is legal and public to betting in the world. If you know to get balance relaxing and addiction, betting on sports can have fun and comfort after stress of working or studying.

To understand deeply about betting on sport, this article will distinguish main kind of betting. Following it to find proper type for your demand.


This is the most basic and common form of betting, especially football and basketball. If you are a beginner, you should start with this kind.

When a betting line is fixed, you can bet on any point you like and have the right to deny you don’t want then get the points in the final result.

Winner will receive bonus from loser so they call this case as “push” because no money is lost or won.


This betting will be done on the total line. According to the rule, you have to be betting for the final score of both teams. The number is set to be under or over the set number then you are a winner.


It means that you will pick up a solo team to win in the final without any point for other options. The risk is higher than other betting kinds because the amount you have to wager is the same as the final score.

This betting is popular with baseball and hockey.


When you go on betting with two or more people together, it is called parlay. The betting odds will be adjusted accordingly with the total number your team picks odd together.

Generally, parlay betting has both high risk and high reward so it’s not suitable for someone who are in the faint of heart.