Danger of scuba diving

Scuba diving is an interesting water sport when you can discover the marine life by yourself. It’s good to practice swimming skills with more challenges. Let imagine that how is your exciting when you see fantastic coral reefs or eerie shipwrecks. It is a good experience for your journey.

But you should care about dangers of scuba diving. Although it has a few benefits, it still exists incredible threatening for your body. This article will share popular dangers from scuba diving as remind you.

Malfunctioning equipment

The fact that, scuba diving requires expensive equipment. If you are amateur for this sport, you have intention to rent everything. This lead potential hazard because equipment can be broken or damaged without your notice when you use them in the first time.

For example, a broken depth gauge leads to depressions in the breathing or bad regulator can lead to being drown. All accidents can happen when you don’t prepare equipment carefully. It’s better to change new one if you suspect something wrong from them.

Pulmonary embolism

When diving in a deeper water, it can lead to pulmonary embolism. It is explained that the increased pressure of the underwater leads that more gas is immersed and become denser whereas your pressure on body is being reduced. It is not good for scuba divers because it can contribute to increase accidents of pulmonary embolism.

To limit this issue, diver should make slower ascents to the surface and never keep your breath. It can cause harm.

Oxygen toxicity

If diver goes below 1235 feet, he is easy to addict oxygen toxicity. Because in the higher depth, the extra oxygen omits to the environment more, you are absorbed because of oxygen toxic. It can lead to effects about tunnel vision or unhealthy about body like loss of consciousness and seizures.