Checklist equipment you need in scuba diving (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share basic equipment you need to prepare carefully to start scuba diving smoothly. The fact, our checklist is necessary equipment you should own if you want to have a safer trip.

As introduced in the previous article, the ocean brings a lot of interest and adventure, besides, it exists some risk and danger. So, to assure about a safe trip, you should learn both skills by theory and good equipment.

4, Fins

Fins is also important equipment in scuba diving gear which is helpful to move in the water with stable speed and agility. Divers will not waste so much energy in movement due to support of fins. Furthermore, divers also can adjust level of pace under their disposal.

In general, there are two types of fins: open heel and full foot fins. Depending on favorite and demand, someone prefers to using open heel. Per type has unique features and functions. 

5, Scuba tank or diving cylinder

This equipment helps divers to go diving in the depth ina long time.

When using scuba tank or diving cylinder, divers can store or transport compressed air or Nitrox simply which maintain breathing apparatus in a long time in the sea.

Onaverage, per scuba tank covers about 2000 to 3500 psi made from either steel or aluminum. This is a maxium pressure for per adventure divers can consume.

The fact, cost of one scuba tank or diving cylinder is high, you should consider buying or renting it.

6, Regulator

Regulator helps to connect air from the scuba tank as natural breath by exchanging high pressure air into ambient pressure.

Divers will put regulator in their mouth while diving cylinder should be brought in the back. Then two devices will connect and convert each other.