Checklist equipment you need in scuba diving (Part 1)

Before you jump into the blue sea, you need to prepare all enough knowledge, skills and equipment so that you can enjoy a safe and fun diving trip.

In this article, we will collect necessary equipment you need to start scuba diving. This is a basic list you should own if you want to immerse scuba diving.

1, Diving mask and snorkel

When you are in the underwater, your eyes can’t see clearly. It’s terrible if you can’t discover all beauties of landscapes.

So, to immerse it, you should use a diving mask which helps you to create air space before you clearly. Once you using a pair of diving mask, you feel your world open and wide wonderfully.

Beside a diving mask, you also should prepare a snorkel. It is helpful to keep your breath longer and deeper. When using it, it can save the air in the tank so you are confident to enjoy depth of the underwater. The fact, someone doesn’t like using snorkel because it makes uncomfortable. But to protect you well in the sea safely.

2, Using diving suit

In the underwater, your temperature is lower than temperature of the water so you are easy to be cold. To keep the whole body warm, you should use a wetsuit which is especially manufactured for scuba diving.

Diving suit is made from skin-tight or neoprene to be underproof so it is helpful to keep warm longer in the deep water. 

You feel comfortable to immerse the cold water in a long time.

3, Scuba gloves

As function of wetsuit, one pair of scuba gloves is useful to keep your hand warmer. Furthermore, it also helps you to avoid injuries from dangerous obstacles from the underwater. 

There are much danger from the sea being out of control from your hand, so you should protect yourself the most.