2 Water Sports Activities to Enjoy Under-waters

Water sports activities are popular with many people, from scuba divers to a family with children or a group of friends, especially in the summer vacation.

Water sports not only bring benefit for health and spirit but it also has a great opportunity to explore the magical under-water. Sure that it will be interesting and give you various experience. This following is to hare 2 water sports activities which are the most famous to enjoy in your vacation. Whether you start to try water sport in the first time or you are skilled with under waters, you feel loving these water sport activities in this article.

1/ Scuba diving

Scuba diving is considered with a cute nickname as the queen of the water sport activities. The fact almost people like scuba diving the most in all of water sports activities.

There are other reasons to go scuba diving, including: escaping the stress or boring routine daily, practicing body to keep fit or discovering the wonderful under waters with beauty of the coral reefs or astonishing marine life.

Scuba diving can be chosen in both summer and other seasons, but summer is the most. People intend to find sea and water in the hot.

2/ Snorkeling

It is a water sport activity to enjoy the colorful Caribbean coral reefs. Someone can confuse between scuba diving and snorkeling but actually, they are completely different.

Snorkeling is simply swimming activity along the surface of the water and explore the oceanic under your eyes. You don’t need special skills or training, you can easily enjoy snorkeling with an instructor. Whereas scuba diving requires you to prepare knowledge, skill and professional equipment to dive well below the surface. Scuba diving allows you to explore the marine clearly and more colorfully in a higher deep.

If you have a short time, you should choose snorkeling for your summer vacation.